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Web Links for Practical Help Online

Computer Help
Senior Net
File Extension Help

Farmers Almanac
Home & Garden TV
Southern Gardening

Home & Car Care
Ask the Builders
Better Homes & Gardens
Do it Yourself.- com
Do it Yourself.- net
Edmunds Car Buying Guide
Family Car Care
Kelly Blue Book - Used Car Prices

Hinds County
Jackson - MS
Mississippi - Data Site
Mississippi Goverment Agencies
USA - Census
USA - Government

White House
Local News & Media Sites
The Clarionledger
The Jackson Advocate
The Jackson Free Press
WLBT - TV - Channel - 3
Educational TV Channel - 7
WJTV - TV - Channel -12
The Jackson Channel -16
Fox 40 -WDBD

Medical Help
Mayo Clinic
Med-Line Plus
Medicine - Net
National Library of Medicine
RxList - Drug Information
Web MD

Neighborhood Organization
Association of South Jackson Neighborhoods - ASJN

Research & Study
Algebra Help
Discovery Channel
Family Education Network
Research & Study - (Continued)
Homework - Help

National Archives
Smithsonian Institution
Virtual Reference Desk

Help for Seniors
Do it Yourself.Com - Senior help

Weather & Time & Traffic
NOAA - National Weather Service

The Official U.S. Time
The Weather Channel
Traffic WebCams in Mississippi

Miscellaneous Help
All My
CEO Express
How Stuff Works
Web Archive

Organizations for Assistance
Community Services
Bethany - Jackson, MS
Birthright International
Gateway Rescue Mission
Habitat for Humanity
Mississippi Animal Rescue League
Red Cross of Mississippi
Stewpot Community Services
YMCA of Jackson
Government Resources
Mississippi Department of Human Services

Organ Donations
Mississisppi Organ Recovery

Substance Abuse
Alcoholics Anonymous in Mississippi

Volunteer Information
Network for Good
USA Freedom Corps

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